Rugby spread betting with sporting index

THE AUTUMN Internationals are made for a spread bet with predictions on everything from one team’s supremacy over another, to total points in the game, and even tryscorer shirt numbers.

One of the simplest and most popular rugby spread bets is the supremacy market. Sporting Index will make a prediction on one team’s supremacy over another expressed in points. For example, New Zealand’s supremacy over England is pitched at 6-9.

Those who believe England can win, draw, or lose by less than six would sell at the lower price – 6. All Blacks fans expecting their side to win by a margin greater than nine would buy at the higher price – 9.

Profits, or losses, are calculated on how right or wrong you are. If England won by seven points New Zealand would make up -7 in this market and a profit of 13 times stakes for those that sold at 6.

A New Zealand win by 12 points would make buyers at 9 a profit of three times their stakes and a loss for sellers at 6 of six times their stake. If the visitors to Twickenham won by seven or eight points then both buyers and sellers would lose – the numbers between the spread forms Sporting Index’s margin.

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