In pictures: Inside Leeds' new Netto store

Emma Haslett
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Yep, that's a big Lego dog (Source: Netto)

It was several months ago that Sainsbury's decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and launched a tie-up with Danish discounter Netto. Today, the first of 15 new stores opened in Leeds.

Lest we forget, the retailer beat a retreat from the UK market back in 2010, selling its 193 stores to Asda for £778m - although Asda later sold 47 of those stores to keep competition authorities happy.

But even before the store opened its doors, Netto proved it could change: a sign outside proclaimed "we sell household brands, our own range of fresh goods and a few Scandinavian surprises". That's in contrast to the unusual brands Netto shoppers of old were used to.

The other change, of course, is this:

Yep, that's a big lego dog, with Per Bank, the chief executive of Netto parent company Dansk Supermarked, in front of it.

The crowds were out in force.

Naturally, there was an Oompah band in place to welcome shoppers.

And the Danish pastries were all laid out.

But they weren't the only Danish products to hand...

Still, shoppers were glad to see they could stock up on their basics.

As well as take in pictures of Danish butchers looking stoical...

One lady even tried a little sample.

Goodbye Netto!

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