Black Friday UK 2014: Where are the best bargains for must-have Christmas toys?

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Zoomer Dino: Watch out, he farts (Source: Spin Master Toys)
As the countdown to Black Friday - November 28 if you're wondering - continues, the big question is exactly which items will be going on sale.
Luckily for you, the Toy Retailers Association has today unveiled its DreamToys, the gifts that the industry has judged “must have” Christmas crackers.
The list has pedigree – it identified the much-loved Spirograph in 1967 and the Nintendo Game Boy games console in 1991. Last year it picked out the Teksta Robotic Puppy, Hasbro's Furby Boom and the LeapPad Ultra.
So if you're wondering what to fill those stockings with this Christmas, look no further.

What are the top 12 toys of Christmas 2014? In no particular order...

1. Bop-It Beats by Hasbro

RRP £21.99

Remember Bop-It? One of this year's top picks is an update on the addictive 1990s favourite. According to manufacturer Hasbro, “the Bop It! Beats game adds a different dimension of excitement that challenges your reaction time by adding four songs, including popular songs performed by some of your favorite artists”. Guaranteed to be winding everyone up before you reach the Queen's Speech.
Will Bop-It Beats go on sale for Black Friday? Amazon only has seven left in stock (down from eight when I started writing this article) and is currently offering 1p off. So probably not.

2. Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa by Jakks Pacific

RRP £34.99

Less painful on the ear is Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa, but only if you can find it, in which case prepare to endure the screams from your distraught child. The toy is in huge demand it seems - Smyths, Argos (delivery) and were all out of stock as of today.
Will Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa be on sale for Black Friday? It's not looking good. Amazon is actually selling it for more than RRP - £59.99 - presumably because the original stock has run out.

3. Disney Frozen Sparkle Doll (Assorted) by Mattel

RRP £16.99.
Frozen is clearly set to dominate this Christmas, with “assorted” toys by Mattel also being identified by the judging panel as must-haves.
Will Disney Frozen Sparkle Dolls go on sale for Black Friday? It looks like you might be able to get a couple of pounds off but as it's a Disney/Mattel item, you're unlikely to get much more off.

4. Kidizoom Smart Watch from VTech Electronics Europe

RRP £39.99

You might be hoping for the $5,000 gold Apple Watch, but your kids will want their own version too. Luckily theirs is somewhat cheaper, but they don't need to know that.
Will it go on sale for Black Friday? Amazon is currently offering 36 per cent off, so it's £25.49. Others will surely follow.

5. Little Live Pets Bird Cage from Character Options

RRP £19.99
Personally City A.M. can't imagine anything more egregious than a robotic caged bird, but retailers think your kids will disagree. “The Little Live Pets Bird Cage gives your pet bird its very own home to sit and swing in. Take your new pet bird with you anywhere,” the brand's website claims.

Will Little Live Pets Bird Cage go on sale for Black Friday? Possibly. At the moment it's being sold on Amazon for £27.85, which is a bit strange. Argos has it for £16.99 though. Phew.

6. Minecraft Figures (Assorted) from Character Options

RRP £7.99

These Minecraft figures have distinct cult teenager-to-uni student appeal but will also presumably appeal to anyone who plays the game.

Will Minecraft Figures go on sale for Black Friday? Guys, they are only £7.99.

7. My Friend Cayla from Vivid Toy Group

RRP £58.99
Here is what the Cayla website says –
My Friend Cayla is like a real friend, she's so much more than a talking doll or app toy! Get to know her by asking questions about her family, favourite foods, hobbies, pets and more. Cayla also loves to answer tricky questions about things like animals, countries and famous people.
We're assuming this is a must-have toy for only children whose parents work a lot.

Will My Friend Cayla be on sale for Black Friday? It's out of stock on Amazon right now, but you can pre-order at 39 per cent off....

8. Nerf Demolisher 2-in-1 from Hasbro

RRP £44.99.

This toy's name takes us back to the 1980s heyday of violent toys before everyone thought they'd make us want to shoot people. Parents might want to watch out, though, because we suspect a Christmas morning soaking will be in order if they are brave enough to go down this route.

Will the Nerf Demolisher 2-in-1 be on sale for Black Friday? Amazon has 20 per cent off at the moment. If that's the news you wanted...

9. The Lego Movie - Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! from LEGO Company

RRP £79.99
If you're comfortable with the price tag, this spaceship (SPACESHIP!) is likely to be a huge hit, what with another Lego film coming out. If you're looking for something less violent than that Demolisher and less annoying than the Bop-it, this gets a big thumbs up.
Will The Lego Movie - Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP be on sale for Black Friday? You can get 25 per cent off right now at Argos.

10. Toot-Toot Animals Safari Park from VTech Electronics Europe plc

RRP £39.99
This one is for younger kids and, according to the blurb, has “two different modes of play which help you develop language, sensory and motor skills and encourage imaginative, independent play.” Sounds good to us.
Will Toot-Toot Animals Safari Park be on sale for Black Friday? Argos already has nearly £15 off the RRP.

11. Transformers Stomp & Chomp Grimlock from Hasbro

RRP £89.99
Another glorious 1980s throwback, Grimlock is apparently “the biggest, baddest, beast in the Transformers universe”. What happened to Optimus Prime? Converts from robo to dino and back in one step, which is definitely not how it was in the '80s.

Will Transformers Stomp & Chomp Grimlock be on sale for Black Friday? Amazon is currently offering 20 per cent off so things are looking good...

12. Zoomer Dino - Boomer from Spin Master Toys UK Ltd

RRP £99.99

This could actually be our favourite on the list. Part remote-controlled, part motion-sensor, this is a dinosaur on wheels whose tail you can pull to wind up on purpose. The blurb is spectacular:
With real dinosaur movements, sounds and incredible dino-sense abilities, Boomer can detect when you’re nearby and interacting with him. But watch out! Just like a real Dino he can get angry, spin around, chomp and roar... He might even let out dino-sized burps and farts!
It also says it's suitable for children aged five and up but we reckon this might go on a few big kids' Christmas lists too....
Will the Zoomer Dino go on sale for Black Friday? We hope so. Things are looking hopeful, as already has £20 off.

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