US midterm election results mapped: Republicans sweep to victory

Billy Ehrenberg
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The US election results are mostly in and the result is a Republican landslide. The Grand Old Party held 14 and gained 8 seats, while the Democrats held 11 and gained zero.

At the time of writing, 31 of 34 states had declared with only three, Alaska, Louisiana, and Virginia still to go. Louisiana will have a run-off election in December as neither candidate could glean 50 per cent of the vote. Mitch McConnell, Republican, is now the majority senate leader.

Of the three only Virginia was showing signs of going in a given direction and was leaning Democrat.

The race was all but over early: by midnight Eastern Time the Republicans already had 52 Senate seats confirmed.

New Hampshire had been identified as a key state: if the Republicans could wrest it from the Democrat’s grasp the race was looking won. In the end the Democrats held it, but the optimism was short lived.

Here is an interactive map showing the results of yesterday’s voting. Click on any state to see the proportion of voters choosing a candidate from a given party.

Here are Alaska and Hawaii, to save you scrolling:

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