Entrepreneur Luke Johnson reveals he has a secret stalker

Gabriella Griffith
Luke Johnson has a big fan (Source: Getty)
Risk Capital Partners chairman and entrepreneur Luke Johnson looks to be paying the price of fame – the private equity star has got himself an obsessive fan. “I appear to have a stalker. She attends many of my speaking engagements and then comes up to me at the end...and says ‘I want you,’” he writes in Management Today magazine. She’s also been to his office and left “weird” letters.

Johnson knows who she is but has not yet tried to obtain a restraining order. But why write about it now and how long has this been going on, we wondered?

“I first noticed her in 2012 when I was doing a lot of live events promoting my book Start It Up,” he told The Capitalist. “I wrote about her because it seemed odd and I thought it might intrigue readers.” You can say that again, on both counts.

Stalkers in the City aren’t as rare as we’d like to think. Natwest/RBS has its very own stalker who sent a vial purporting to be poison to then-CEO Stephen Hester and sent Sir Philip Hampton a number of abusive messages.

FTI Consulting’s Dubai MD Marcus Pepperell also has a restraining order out on a woman who harassed him on LinkedIn. Has Johnson sought the advice of his peers? “One writer I know has suffered from some over-ardent admirers, but I haven’t really discussed it widely,” he told us. Let’s hope she gets bored of him soon.

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