Movember UK 2017: Five of the best moustaches in business for Movember inspiration

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Movember begins this week

You're freshly shaven with plans to grow the most impressive moustache anyone’s ever seen by the end of the month, but what look are you going for?

Something that shows that you're bringing a bit of Silicon Valley startup thinking to the table, or a neat and smart lip strip that’s all business when you’re in the boardroom?

Here’s some inspiration from the businessmen who manage to carry the moustachioed look off all year round.


Chase Carey -"The western"

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It’s a moustache good enough to impress Rupert Murdoch, so could go down well with those above. If you want to get your name known among the top brass, this is definitely one to get you noticed. News Corp’s chief operating officer Chase Carey looks like he’s straight out of a western, but those curls must inspire some moustache envy. This one needs dedication.


Ted Turner - "The skinny"

T. Boone Pickens And Ted Turner Speak On Renewable And Alternative Energy
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Another American media man really committing to the moustached look. Ted Turner, founder of cable network CNN certainly sports a look made for TV rather than radio. It’s a small moustache with big impact, unassuming but effective. Just look at the efficient use of space. Turner could fit another three of those skinny lip-ticklers between his nose and mouth. This one’s perfect for those with better things to do than moustache-tending considering the small amount of lip real estate it takes up, but still wanting the full moustache effect.


Sergey Brin - "The whatever"

Gov. Brown Signs Legislation At Google HQ That Allows Testing Of Autonomous Vehicles
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There’s a trend for a hipsterish, carefree spread of full facial hair in tech, modelled best by Google’s Sergey Brin whose bushy moustache flows into full beardage. Forget personal care, you’ve been up for three days straight hunched over a macbook coding a new app (it’s going to be huge), there’s no time for personal care. Or that’s what you want people to think. Even if you’re more familiar with Python the animal than Python the programming language, this is the look to go for if you want people to think you're one step away from changing the world. Fail fast, fail often… shave never.


Carlos Slim - "The classic"

The Louise Blouin Foundation Presents The Sixth Annual Blouin Creative Leadership Summit - Awards Ceremony and Gala
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Carlos Slim adopted the moustachioed look in the noughties occasionally adding a silver beard to mix things up, but this lip-warmer always remains firmly in place. The richest man in the world sports a simple moustache. It’s not boring, its just right. Not too big, not too small, a classic. It’s tame but timeless and always neatly trimmed. It denotes just the right amount of authority and seems to work particularly well for men of a certain age. Matching eyebrows are an optional extra with this one.


Christophe de Margerie - "The one-off"

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The late boss of Total will be remembered for his moustache as much as his business mind. Affectionately known as Big Moustache, de Margerie’s little number perched atop his face like a bow as the finishing touch on a box.

Maybe the whisker-like side-sweep made it easier to sup champagne- de Margerie was the grandson of the founder of Taittinger champagne after all. On the other hand, maybe this is just the way it naturally grew and he just went with it and made it work.

While it’s difficult to recreate a one-off like this, maybe if you let your moustache do its own thing you’ll discover a look that’s going to define you for years to come beyond Movember.

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