UK in Afghanistan: British operations end with handover of last military base

Sarah Spickernell
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There are around 300 troops still based at Camp Bastion (Source: Getty)
Control of the last British military base in Afghanistan has been handed over to Afghan security forces, representing the end of British military combat in the country.
Camp Bastion in Helmand Province has been the UK's main base in Afghanistan since 2006. Troops have been based in the country since 2001.
The end of UK intervention was marked by a simple ceremony at the camp, in which American marching tunes were played while the union flag was lowered for the last time, leaving the Afghan flag flying alone.
The camp is mostly empty now, after the UK's command of Helmand was transferred to US forces in April. Over recent months, personnel, military vehicles and kit have been gradually returned back to the UK.
The few remaining British troops at Bastion will soon leave for good. Only a small number of military personnel are due to remain in the country after this year – they will be based at the British-run military academy in Kabul.
The number British deaths that have occurred since the start of the conflict is 453, according to the BBC.
Last week, the last US Marines unit in Afghanistan ended its combat operations by handing over Camp Leatherneck.

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