LandAid Day at the Leadenhall Building: Property chiefs enjoy cheesiest view in the City

Gabriella Griffith
LandAid Day came to an end at the top of the Leadenhall Building (Source: Getty)
LandAid Day, the property industry’s annual fundraising bash, came to an end in lofty fashion last night at the top of the Leadenhall Building (aka The Cheesegrater). The industry’s biggest names got together to add their pennies to the pot, including Liz Peace CBE, the outgoing chief of British Property Federation (BPF), Tristram Gethin, MD of Quad­rant Estates and Hel­i­cal Bar chief Mike Slade.
Slade caused quite the commotion, not with any out­landish behaviour but rather with his choice of attire – namely jeans and trainers (amid a sea of suits and shoes), “it hasn’t gone unnoticed,” whispered one party-goer.

Liz Peace
Liz Peace is the outgoing chief of the BPF

There was much chatter about the fundraising achieved during the day – including an entry into the Guinness Book of Records for Cushman and Wakefield – for most people playing monopoly simultaneously, with 277 players.
The Capitalist sidled up to Liz Peace to see how her exit from BPF was going. “It’s looking like my replacement [Melanie Leech of the Food and Drink Federation] can’t actually start until April, but I’ve already had my leaving party – I don’t want to be like Barbra Streisand and never go,” she laughed.

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