GHO Capital Partners' finance boss to open Private Equity Combat Sports class for Krav Maga fans

Gabriella Griffith
Krav Maga is an Israeli military form of self-defence (Source: Getty)
The first rule of fight club, is you do not talk about fight club. But what about the first rule of private equity fight club? We’re not talking about punch-ups over the last croissant outside The Savoy Grill, the PE industry is to get its own combat class – organised by an industry insider.

Duncan Easterbrook, finance director at new firm GHO Capital Partners and co-owner of Urban Warriors Academy in Vauxhall, has decided to share his hobby, Krav Maga – an Israeli military form of self-defence, with other finance fitness fans. The class is to be called Private Equity Combat Sports, yes, that’s Pecs. “No, the acronym wasn’t an accident,” laughed Easterbrook when The Capitalist rang to enquire. “I picked up Krav Maga when I took a year out from private equity and I want to share the benefits with my industry.”

So what is the first rule of Pecs club? “Always talk about Pecs,” Eastbrook tells us. “No seriously, there are no rules, it’s open to everybody in the whole financial services industry – we’ll hopefully be the new white collar boxing, which is so popular in the City.”

Classes start at the beginning of November and if Krav Maga isn’t hard enough for you, the gym also teaches Filipino street boxing and cage fighting (MMA). Let’s ’ave yer.

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