Travelodge gets 200,000 strange requests a year - but which ones are real?

Catherine Neilan
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Travelodge: Can you guess which of these bizarre requests are real? (Source: Travelodge)
My mother always used to complain that I treated her house like a hotel, but judging by some of the requests made at the Travelodge chain, I really wasn't trying hard enough.
The British business today revealed some of its most bizarre requests made by some of the 17 million guests that stayed at one of its 513 hotels – and some of them are pretty weird.
The firm claims to receive more than 200,000 strange requests every year. But can you spot the genuine ones from those we made up?
Take our quiz to find out how well you know the hotel business – and whether you'd cut it as a top hotelier or whether customers should steer clear of your hospitality...

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