Apple’s new Yosemite operating system: 6 things you need to know

Steve Dinneen
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We take a look at some features in the newly launched Yosemite operating system, which Apple claims will "elevate the experience of using a Mac".

1. The Marriage of devices

Devices running Yosemite and Apple’s mobile iOS are now able to have constant conversations; edit a photo on one iCloud device and the updates will take place on its siblings in real-time.

2. Make calls from your desktop

You can now make and receive calls from your Mac or Macbook as long as it is linked to the same iCloud account as your iPhone. This could be especially useful for houses with signal “dark-spots” – leave your phone by the window and do the talking from the basement on your laptop. And now there’s even more reason to buy loads of Apple products...

3. Spotlight (search) is better

The Spotlight search feature, which allows you to browse your hard drive from one window (if you’ve not been using it, press Apple-Space – it will change your life), has now been expanded to search the web, bringing it into line with the iOS version.

4. It looks cool(er)

Menu bars are translucent, so your desktop feels more like an integrated experience than ever before. It also borrows many design cues from iOS 8, with fewer three dimensional skeuomorphs (digital things that are designed to look like objects in real life). Jony Ive has definitely had a hand in this.

5. PDF and Mail markup

You can now easily annotate PDFs and emails with your thoughts, including arrows and bullet points. Yosemite will even take your shabbily scrawled markings and convert them to perfect curves and arrowheads.

6. Audio Messages

As with iOS – are you spotting a current theme here; Yosemite is a massive step towards integrating Apple’s mobile and desktop systems – you can record voice messages within your messaging app. Basically, there are lots more ways to communicate through your various devices.

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