After tourist gets trapped in Waterstones, Airbnb teams up to offer a night's stay in Piccadilly store

Gabriella Griffith
Airbnb is teaming up with Waterstones (Source: Getty)
When the story of David Willis, the man who was stuck in a Waterstones store at night, emerged last week, team Airbnb smelled an opportunity.

Why not offer a night’s stay in the store? Luckily Waterstones’ retail director Rik McShane agreed. “Amidst the story were a great many messages from people exclaiming how much they would like to spend the night with the books they love.

“So, when Airbnb got in touch we leapt at the chance to give them what they asked for, with the promise that we’d let them out first thing in the morning.” he said.

For one night only, this Friday, 10 people will spend a night at Wat­er­stones, Piccadilly.

Airbnb has already offered a night at an IKEA store in Australia. Where next? Fingers crossed for Hamley’s.

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