Hurricane Gonzalo 2014 hits the UK: Tail end of storm kills woman and injures four others

Sarah Spickernell
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The UK has been struck by the tail end of the tropical storm (Source: Getty)
Hurricane Gonzalo has resulted in the death of a woman in central London.
She was killed by a tree brought down by high winds in Knightsbridge, according to Scotland Yard.
A London Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: "We sent an ambulance crew, a responder by car, an advanced paramedic, a medical team from London's Air Ambulance by car and a duty officer to the scene.
"Sadly, despite our attempts to resuscitate the patient, a woman died at the scene."
Four others have been injured and taken to hospital because of the tropical storm. One man was hurt badly in nearby Belgravia when a tree fell on him.
"We treated a man reported to be in his 30s for leg, chest and head injuries. He was taken as a priority to St Mary's Hospital Paddington,” said a London Ambulance Service spokesperson.
Three others were hurt by a fallen tree in Southwick, West Sussex, but paramedics said there was "nothing to suggest serious injury".
Wreaking havoc
As the tail end of the tropical storm hit the UK, the Met Office issued warnings for many parts of the country. In Oban in western Scotland, wind speeds reached as high as 88mph.
There have been flight disruptions at Heathrow as a result, and a number of train routes have faced delays or cancellations.
However, the winds are expected to be much calmer on Wednesday, according to BBC Weather.
Gonzalo arrived in the UK from Bermuda, where it caused a power cut to most of the island's homes over the weekend.

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