Islamic State terror plot: Four London men accused of swearing allegiance to IS and using Google Street View for "hostile reconnaissance"

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Scotland Yard has announced that four London men have been charged with intention to commit acts of terrorism.

The men have been of accused of swearing an oath to the terror group Islamic State. Furthermore, it is alleged the men were attempting to buy a pistol furnished with silencer.

Scotland Yard said the men are charged with conducting "hostile reconnaissance" of a London Army barracks and police station using Google Street View. Another man was charged with firearms offence, according to the Metropolitan police.

The men charged with terror offences are Tarik Hassane, 21, Suhaib Majeed, 20, Nyall Hamlett, 24, and Momen Motasim, 21. Nathan Cuffy, 25, was charged with a firearms offence. The men are set to face Westminster Magistrates' Court later today, according to police.

Last month, MPs voted in favour of military intervention in Iraq against Islamic State (IS) militants. Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Mark Rowley recently told the Guardian that 50 people a week are being referred to deradicalisation programmes, with a further 218 terror-related arrests so far this year.

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