Lord Tim Bell’s new book Right or Wrong a hit with old pals at Mark’s Club launch

Gabriella Griffith
Lord Tim Bell held his book launch last night
Lord Tim Bell invited friends and associates last night to celebrate the launch of his new book, Right or Wrong, at the delightfully elusive Mark’s Club – putting any of last week’s furore over his unfortunate comments to the press behind him.

Politicos, including Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Portillo, popped in to get books signed, as did Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, old rival Lord Chadlington and fellow author Lord Browne. “I thought I’d bring him a copy of my book instead of taking his,” Lord Browne told The Capitalist. “I have his already, but haven’t read it yet.”

Copies were selling for £20 a pop at Mark’s Club but Lord Bell revealed everyone at Bell Pottinger had received a complimentary copy. “My arm’s dropping off – James [Henderson, Bell Pottinger’s CEO] insisted I give a free copy to everyone in the company and personalise each one,” he said. “It took me three hours.”

Lord Bell revealed his loving side at the end of his speech, giving special thanks to his girlfriend Jackie Phillips. “She’s transformed my life and made me very happy for the last few months,” he beamed. What a big softy.

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