Spread betting on total goal minutes

TOTAL goal minutes are one of the most popular and exciting markets that Sporting Index offer on football. It’s a prediction on the aggregate total minutes of each goal scored in a match.

Last season when Tottenham travelled to the Etihad to play Manchester City, total goal minutes were trading at 141-151. The resulting 6-0 rout made up a handsome 272 – a profit of 120 times buyers’ original stakes.

There was more happy hunting for those who bought total goal minutes at 172 for City’s trip to White Hart Lane later in the season. Helped by five second-half goals, four of them from City, the 5-1 scoreline saw a make-up of 345.

However, punters who bought total goal minutes at 340 for England’s recent European qualifying game over San Marino were left mightily disappointed. The 5-0 win only made up 265 – a loss of 75 times buyers’ stakes.

If you envisage a hatful of goals tomorrow – there have been 30 in the last six league matches between City and Spurs – then you may want to buy total goal minutes at 165. Those that fancy Spurs’ backline to be a tough nut to crack can sell at 155.

It’s a volatile market where the rewards are big, but so potentially are the losses. In terms of sheer thrill, it’s undoubtedly one of the best betting markets around.