This Virgin America ad is six hours long and it's the most boring ad ever made

Lynsey Barber
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Virgin America has created BLAH airlines

A new ad for Virgin America is likely to take the prize for the most boring ad ever made, coming in at six, yes six, hours long.

The online campaign is a bizarre jibe at the depressing cattle like conditions of its rivals, which it dubs BLAH airlines.

The ad recreates a flight from Newark to San Francisco starring creepy dummies having dull conversations about, well, dull things, for the duration of the fake flight.

Ad industry magazine AdWeek calls it “creepy, Warholian and sort of brilliant”.

It’s, conceptual, let’s say, and not to be mistaken for Ryanair Business.

In fact, it’s just the kind of thing that sweeps the board come ad industry award season.

Out in the wild, the ad will appear as a YouTube pre-roll - though thankfully skippable.

There’s a fake BLAH Airlines website that is amusing for any traveller familiar with how terrible flying can be, while on social media BLAH is composing boring tweets. It will also be on Virgin’s in-flight entertainment system to show customers what they’re not missing out on.

Creative director of US ad agency Eleven, Bryan Houlette, told AdWeek he hopes it becomes a cult favourite.

But a potential favourite of who, we’re not quite sure.

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