iPad live stream UK: What time and where to watch Apple’s iPad 2 and iPad 3 Mini launch event

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Tim Cook is set to launch two new iPad's (Source: Getty)

We’ve already been treated to a sneak preview of Apple’s new iPads - even if it was by accident - but for eager beavers wanting to get the details of the debut as it happens, here’s how you can watch.


The whole thing kicks off at 10am today in California. That’s 6pm here in the UK, so fingers-crossed there are no delays on the commute home.


The folk at Apple kindly offer a live stream on their website at apple.com/live bringing Tim Cook’s keynote and the rest of the much anticipated event to the rest of the world.

Hopefully, this live stream won’t be accompanied by a Chinese translation drowning out Tim Cook talking on stage (except in China of course), like last time. We're sure Apple's fixed that now. It is a tech company after all.


Be warned however, Apple only lets you stream it on an Apple device running Safari or iOS. Good for them, bad for PC users. Go and buy an iPhone 6 or a Mac. We see what they’re doing there.

Those already on board through Apple TV can watch it on the Apple event channel, which has already gone live ahead of the event, 9to5mac reports.


Here’s a round-up of what Tim Cook is expected to tell us about the iPad 2 tonight.

There’s also further good news about the new tablet - it’s going to be completely U2-free.

Bono apologised after U2 essentially iTunesbombed Apple users (the musical equivalent of photobombing. It’s a thing.) with their new album which was added automatically to iTunes users' accounts as part of Apple's last launch bonanza.

It wasn't something welcomed by the majority of iTunes’ non-U2 fans and in a Facebook Q&A yesterday the lead singer said the band got “carried away”.

No chance of an unwanted free U2 album making an appearance anywhere near the iPad 2 or iTunes at tonight's launch then. Phew.

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