Does "Turbo Charger" feature give Google's new Nexus 6 the edge over Apple's iPhone 6?

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The Nexus 6 smartphone (Source:
Google has revealed its new Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet, as well as the “Nexus Player” TV streaming and gaming device.
The Nexus 6 comes with a 13 megapixel camera (the same specifications as Apple’s iPhone 6), a new Lollipop Android 5 operating system, and dual front-facing speakers which can offer better quality audio - according to Google.
All very swish. Yet the most impressive feature for smartphone fanatics frustrated with a dead battery will surely be the new “Turbo Charger” system capable of giving the phone six hours of battery life from just 15 minutes of charge. The feature is also available for the Nexus 9.

(The Nexus 6 smartphone. Source:

Users will also be able to continue charging their wireless Qi charger, an option unable to the iPhone 6.
If light weight products that don't burrow a hole in your jacket is a big deal for you, Google’s products could be your best bet. With an 8.9-inch screen, the Nexus 9 (manufactured by Taiwan firm HTC) is smaller than an iPad but bigger than an iPad mini and weighs 50g. At 159.26mm, the Nexus 6 smartphone is slightly bigger, but also 27g lighter.

(The Nexus 9 tablet. Source:

Google has also announced the Nexus Player, the first device capable of running Google’s Android TV platform. The streaming box, made by Google and Asus, will allow access to Android TV’s music, movies, TV shows and video games.
It will only be available through the Google Play Store, and will come at a price of around £60.

(The Nexus Player. Source:

Android 5.0, christened "Lollipop", will replace Android 4.4 (KitKat) released in 2013 and currently installed on 24.5 per cent of Android devices accessing Google Play.
After launching the new products yesterday, it’s back to business for Google today. The company’s third-quarter results will be released after US markets close tonight. Analysts are expecting revenue growth to slow down after Google reported a 22 per cent jump in revenue to $16bn in the second quarter.
According to a Bloomberg poll, analysts are expecting revenue to $13.192bn which would be a reduction on $14.893bn at the same time last year.

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