Half of bankers want to move in next six months as recovery bites

Tim Wallace
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CITY workers are increasingly keen to take advantage of the economic recovery and jump to a new firm, recruiters Robert Walters said yesterday.

One-third of bank staff are seeking to move right away, encouraged by institutions hiring more staff on the back of the recovery in the economy and increased activity in economic markets. And 46 per cent say they are likely to move over the next six months.

Better pay and a more senior role are the biggest lures, as bankers saw more opportunities opening up in rival firms, the study showed.

Of those samples, 31 per cent said they were not offered a pay rise this year, while more than a quarter did not get a bonus.

Meanwhile, the majority say a step up the career ladder is the biggest reason to move business. “The limited supply of financial services candidates who offer the right mix of skills and experience is already generating intense competition among employers,” said Robert Walters’ Peter Milne.

“Many will expect considerably enhanced pay, bonus and benefits options as standard and the chance to further develop their career.”

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