Steenkamps decline to testify at Oscar hearing

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Athlete is awaiting sentence for culpable homicide
THE PARENTS of Reeva Steenkamp have declined to testify against Oscar Pistorius at the Paralympic star’s sentencing hearing for the fatal shooting of their daughter.

Pistorius, 27, was back in court in Pretoria, South Africa, yesterday for the third day of the process, having been found guilty last month of culpable homicide.

Lawyers for the Steenkamps said the deceased’s parents would not attempt to influence Judge Thokozile Masipa as she weighs up sentences ranging from house arrest and community service to 15 years in jail.

It was also announced that the Steenkamps had dropped a civil claim against Pistorius and would be returning around £6,000 in payments made by the athlete since Reeva’s death in February last year.

“We have advised the parents to remain neutral in regard to sentence in the sense that they should not be seen to attempt to influence the sentence in any way,” read a statement from the lawyers.

“It was always the intention of the parents that the amounts [approximately £6,000] would be set-off against any civil claim that they were going to institute. However, once they had decided not to proceed with the civil claim, which decision was only taken during the past few weeks, it follows that the money will be repaid.”

Pistorius denied murdering model and law graduate Steenkamp, saying he shot her having mistaken her for an intruder.

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