Where has Ebola spread to? Second case announced in Dallas, Texas

Sarah Spickernell
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Duncan was treated for Ebola at the Texas Health Presbyterian hospital (Source: Getty)
A second health worker has fallen ill with Ebola in Dallas, Texas, after treating Thomas Duncan for the disease at the Texas Health Presbyterian hospital.
Duncan had travelled to the US from Liberia – one of the three countries suffering most at the hands of the epidemic currently gripping West Africa. He was the first person to die from the infection in the US since the outbreak began in December last year.
Nina Pham, one of the nurses who treated Duncan, fell ill with the disease on Friday. Now an unnamed woman who was also involved in looking after Duncan has contracted the deadly virus.
According to Texas health officials, she lived alone without pets. 90 minutes after her temperature was taken she was placed in isolation.
A local judge said there was a "real possibility" of further cases, and that measures were being put in place to deal with them, should they arise.
So far, the World Health Organisation estimates that 4,447 people have died because of the epidemic. Later today, US President Barack Obama will hold a video conference with British, French, German and Italian leaders to discuss how to deal with the Ebola crisis.

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