Price of football: Arsenal have the priciest tickets, but Manchester United make most from match days

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Manchester United made £108m from their match-going fans last season (Source: Getty)
Arsenal may have the most expensive season ticket in the country, but Manchester United make the most money from their match-going fans.
BBC Sport’s annual price of football survey has revealed that the most expensive season ticket at Arsenal is pricier than any other in England.
Arsenal’s cheapest season ticket still costs more than the most expensive at 17 other Premier League clubs. United’s most expensive season ticket costs £950. Arsenal’s cost £2,013.
The London club's prices have increased by three per cent from £985, while United - as well as Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham - have kept theirs flat.
United have actually kept prices for their most expensive and cheapest season tickets the same since 2011, whereas Arsenal’s have jumped 9.6 per cent.
However, Old Trafford can fit in 15,000 more seats than the 60,000 capacity in the Emirates, allowing the club to earn more money from their match-going fans, while keeping prices lower than their rivals.
Arsenal’s most recent financial accounts reveal match day revenues of £100m last season, lower than the £108m United generated.
An alternative explanation could be United’s 30p more expensive cup of tea, however that would require 27m more cups of tea to be drunk at Old Trafford in order to make up the £8m difference.
Most clubs are yet to release their financial results for last season, but of the previous years’ results (2012-2013) revealed it was Arsenal whose most profitable revenue stream came from match days.
41 per cent of Arsenal’s £223m revenue for the 12/13 season came from the £93.8m match day revenue. Unsurprisingly, clubs with smaller grounds, such as QPR and West Brom, were more reliant on broadcast revenue.

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