Fan’s attempt to give Red Bull its wings back fails to get off ground

Gabriella Griffith
Davey Kulter’s Indiegogo campaign aims to raise $10,000 for poor old Red Bull
Following last week’s devastating news that Red Bull doesn’t give you wings and the drink brand’s subsequent $13m settlement for misleading advertising, one fan has taken into his own hands to cheer up the energy drink company.
Davey Kulter set up a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign to “give Red Bull its wings back”. He aims to raise $10,000, which he intends to hand over to Red Bull. “As a gesture of understanding advertising and having common sense, I think it would be great to give Red Bull some money,” he says. Somewhat unsurprisingly, not a penny has been coughed-up so far. Still, it’s got 28 days left, you never know.
Perhaps this selfless act is a sign of changing winds in anti-business sentiment. Could BAML see its customers start campaigns to help it pay off its $16.6bn mortgages fine? Or will some die-hard Tesco fans set up a campaign to help the supermarket find that £250m it’s missing? Watch this space.

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