iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Release date in China, India, eastern Europe, South Africa and 36 more countries revealed by Apple

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iPhone 6 will go on sale in more countries (Source: Getty)

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available in another 36 countries by the end of the month, Apple has announced, the fastest ever roll out of any of its devices.

The new smartphones will go on sale in the majority of countries in eastern Europe as well as large - and potentially lucrative - markets such as China, India and Mexico by the end of the month, bringing the total availability to 69 countries.

It's full steam ahead for Apple as it aims to get both iPhone 6 models on sale in 115 countries by the end of the year despite issues with the iOS 8 software and widespread claims that the larger iPhone 6 model bent after being in people's pockets.

Launching in the additional markets so quickly gives Apple the opportunity to capitalise on the Christmas period in many countries. The Cupertino-based company reported a record 10m sales during the first three days it was available in some of its biggest markets by sales such as the US and UK.

Here’s where and when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will go on sale next. The 36 countries have been grouped to five different release dates.

Albania: 31 October

Bahrain: 30 October

Bosnia: 31 October

China: 17 October

Croatia: 31 October

Czech Republic: 24 October

Estonia: 31 October

French West Indies: 24 October

Greece: 31 October

Greenland: 24 October

Guam: 31 October

Hungary: 31 October

Iceland: 31 October

India: 17 October

Israel: 23 October

Kosovo: 31 October

Kuwait: 30 October

Latvia: 31 October

Lithuania: 31 October

Macau: 31 October

Macedonia: 31 October

Malta: 24 October

Mexico: 31 October

Moldova: 31 October

Monaco: 17 October

Montenegro: 31 October

Poland: 24 October

Romania: 31 October

Reunion Island: 24 October

Serbia: 31 October

Slovakia: 31 October

Slovenia: 31 October

South Africa: 24 October

South Korea: 31 October

Thailand: 31 October

Ukraine: 31 October

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