Samsung develops new wi-fi tech five times faster than speeds currently available

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Samsung is expecting a big drop in profits this year (Source: Getty)
In an increasingly competitive smartphone market, could ultra-fast wi-fi speed hand Samsung the edge over its rivals?
The South Korean company says it has developed wi-fi technology capable of sending data five times faster than the maximum speeds currently available.
Existing technology, which allows for 108MB per second of data transmission on wi-fi, will be left eating the dust of Samsung's rapid "60GHZ wi-fi technology", capable of reaching 575MB per second.
At those speeds, it would take around five seconds to send a full-length feature film of 3GB from one device to another. Furthermore, the electronics giant claims its technology will allow videos to stream from mobile devices to TVs without any delay.
Devices with the new technology installed are unlikely to be available until next year, but Samsung will hope its creation will see the company whizz ahead of its tech rivals after demand for the Galaxy smartphones dwindled this year.
Last week Samsung said it was expecting a 59.7 per cent drop in profits this year, marking its first annual profit fall in three years.
It claimed that smartphone shipments had only increased “marginally amid intense competition.” Last year smartphones had been responsible for 70 per cent of its business.
The new 60 GHz technology is said to eliminate co-channel interference, regardless of how many devices are using the same network.
Kim Chang Yong from the Center of Samsung Electronics said:
New and innovative changes await Samsung’s next-generation devices, while new possibilities have been opened up for the future development of wi-fi technology.

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