Manchester City on alert as Bosman lawyer launches FFP challenge

Frank Dalleres
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Man City: Fined £49m in May after they were found to be in breach of FFP by Uefa (Source: Getty).
One of the lawyers behind the landmark Bosman ruling has launched a second legal challenge to European football's financial fair play (FFP) rules.
Jean-Louis Dupont has asked the Court of First Instance in Brussels to effectively freeze FFP rules and prevent governing body Uefa from implementing the next phase, which is set to see the amount clubs are permitted to lose slashed from €45m over two years to €30m over three.
Dupont, who says he represents player agents including Daniel Striani as well as supporters, still hopes his original legal challenge will ultimately succeed and that FFP will be deemed illegal under European law. That case is still being considered by the Court of First Instance.
Manchester City were fined £49m in May after they were found to be in breach of FFP by Uefa. Dupont says City's supporters' club is among the parties involved in the challenge.
It comes as leading clubs prepare to meet Uefa next week to discuss possible changes to FFP, amid reports that measures could be introduced to limit debt - a move that would threaten Manchester United, whose 2005 takeover by the Glazer family was heavily leveraged.

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