Keane cannot forgive Fergie

Ross McLean
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OUTSPOKEN former Manchester United star Roy Keane is unsure whether he could ever forgive old boss Sir Alex Ferguson and admits their fractious relationship is probably beyond repair.

Keane spent 12 years at Old Trafford under Ferguson’s tutelage and during his eight years as captain the Irishman led the club to nine major honours, making him the most successful skipper in United’s history.

But after forming a revered manager-captain partnership, their union turned poisonous following Keane’s explosive departure from the Red Devils in 2005 and the 43-year-old believes his achievements at the club deserve more respect

“I felt it was a bit harsh to criticise me or other players,” said Keane. “We did ok for the club, had a bit of success, won a few trophies, and here is the manager criticising us all.

“When you think what he made out of it, millions of pounds and got stands and statues named after him. But to criticise people who have earned his success, would I forgive him? I don’t know.”

Keane forged a reputation for unrelenting standards as a player and captain although the midfielder insists he was not a divisive presence at Old Trafford.

“The idea of me falling out with everybody, people will look at the negatives,” he added.“Lots of stuff I let go but eventually you think enough is enough.”