Lord Hill wins EU vote after second hearing

Caitlin Morrison
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LORD Hill has been confirmed as the EU commissioner for financial services after a second confirmation hearing.

His appointment was affirmed yesterday by a margin of 45 to 13 committee members. He was called back to face further questions from MEPs after failing to convince EU committee members of his suitability at a first hearing held in Brussels last week.

At that hearing, he told MEPs: “I have a very clear and simple view – it is in the interests of the EU for Britain to be in it, and for Britain to be in the EU.”

Hill is a Conservative peer and former education minister and lobbyist, whose candidacy is backed by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Some in Brussels worry that his interests are too close to the City and his background in public relations came under scrutiny during the questioning.

Hill will serve as chief of economic affairs in the European Commission when he takes office, which will happen when the entire new team has been approved in a vote due to take place on 22 October.