Pets at Home swaps kittens for big cats to launch its new report­­

Gabriella Griffith
Pets at Home is hanging out with London Zoo’s tigers this morning
Team Pets At Home have embarked on a safari this morning, trekking far from their home office in Cheshire to unknown and dangerous territory – the Tiger Territory enclosure at London Zoo to be exact.

While guests are tucking into a hearty breakfast, commercial director Peter Pritchard, head of pets Maeve Moorcroft and er, comedian and star of For the Love of Dogs, Paul O’Grady, are introducing the brand’s first ever Pet Report – analysing how many pets there are in the UK, what it means to be a pet owner and how they enrich our lives.

Let’s just hope they predict a large increase in pet ownership and, ergo, a huge upswing in sales, with Pets At Home’s share price well below its 245p float price it could do with something good to roar about.

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