Poll bump will put a smile on Cameron’s face as Labour slips

Kate McCann
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A NEW poll put the Conservatives ahead of Labour by two percentage points for the second time in as many days last night, following both party’s annual conferences.

A survey by Lord Ashcroft put the Tories on 32 per cent with Labour trailing by two points on 30. Nigel Farage’s Ukip polled 17 per cent, with the Liberal Democrats on just seven. Despite the party’s lead, the Conservatives actually stuck on 32 per cent for a second week, while Labour’s share of the vote fell to put clear water between the two.

The Ashcroft poll puts the Conservatives two points up for the second time in two days following a YouGov survey for the Sunday Times which showed David Cameron’s party riding high on 36 per cent, compared to Labour on 34. Both polls were conducted following a buoyant party conference for Cameron and a tricker one for Labour’s Ed Miliband.

Pollsters will be looking for a similar indication of how well the Liberal Democrats have fared following their conference in Glasgow, which ends on Wednesday after leader Nick Clegg’s speech.