Gimme 5: Useful websites for entrepreneurs

The Business Owners’ Idea Cafe site has lots of helpful resources

Business Owners’ Idea Cafe

This handy site is run by a series of successful entrepreneurs and authors, and includes advice, resources and relevant news items. Membership is free, and the site has a strong online community.

Business Owner’s Tool Kit

If you’re looking for a comprehensive collection of advice, case studies and tips on how to cut costs, this site has over 5,000 pages worth. There’s also plenty of information for larger companies.

Venture Hacks

Frank advice from entrepreneurs turned investors Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, who also thought up AngelList. The site includes a series of helpful and insightful entries from business people all around the world.

British Chambers of Commerce

It might feel old hat, but with a wealth of resources, national and international policy news, events, services, and resources, the British Chambers of Commerce’s website is usually well ahead of the game.

A Smart Bear

The blog of serial entrepreneur Jason Cohen, A Smart Bear explores entrepreneurial life and best practice. The tech buff sold his last company in 2007, but continues to mentor young companies and budding entrepreneurs.

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