Spread betting on team/player performance

BOTH Team Performance and Player Performance markets offer an exciting way to support or oppose a team or player in a match.

For example, you may fancy an underdog to perform better than supremacy quotes suggest. You could therefore sell the Team Performance of the favourites at 65. The market is settled as follows: Win: 25 pts, Draw: 10 pts, Goal: 15 pts, Clean Sheet: 10 pts, Hit Woodwork: 10 pts (Must rebound into play), Corner: 3 pts, Yellow Card: -5 pts, Red Card: -15 pts.

Even if the favourite triumphs and you have opposed them, you can still win. A close 1-0 win devoid of much action would make up 40pts. But suppose the winners picked up two yellows then that’s reduced to 30pts.

Similarly, you may fancy a team to thump their rivals and buy at 75. Imagine the thrills of a 6-0 classic in your favour? Of course, you are liable for losses if the market doesn’t go in your favour.

Player Performance is settled as follows: Goal Scored: 25 pts, Goal Assist: 10 pts, Shot on Target: 5 pts, Forcing a Corner: 3 pts, Free Kick Won: 3 pts, Pass to own player in opposition half: 2 pts, Free Kick conceded (including offsides): -3 pts, Yellow Card: -10 pts, Red Card: -25 pts.

Fancy your team’s star man to shine? Buy at 45. Think the pressure will tell? Sell at 40. This market is a great alternative to player goal minutes with each individual action factored in. Both Player and Team Performance markets can make up in a negative result.