100 Women in Hedge Funds: MPC new girl Kristin Forbes’s talk goes from Bard to verse

Gabriella Griffith
Kirsten Forbes quirkily quoting the Bard
Kristin Forbes, the American economist who became one of the Bank of England’s newbies this summer, could have been a breath of fresh air. She’s the first woman to serve on the bank’s rate-setting committee for five years – she could have really shaken things up. But alas, she’s toeing the party line… of shoehorning awkward metaphors into her speeches.

Speaking at a 100 Women in Hedge Funds event at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Com­merce on Cheapside, Kir­st­en spoke of the exchange rate and, er… A Midsummer Night’s Dream, naturally.

“And just as Puck was set loose to create mischief in the forest in A Midsum­mer Night’s Dream, I must confess that I also feel a bit mischievous by discus­sing the exchange rate,” she told the audience. Eh?

“For the investors hoping to leave tonight with an insight on where sterling might move next – I’m sorry to disappoint you. But it will not be as disappointing as in A Midsummer Night’s Dream when Hermia learned that the man she had just eloped with was in love with someone else.” Hmmm, pushing it a bit.

But at least she knows her audience. Forbes listed firms ravaged by the strong pound. “Rolls-Royce, Regus, Croda, Bunzl, GlaxoSmithKline and Mother­care [I figure I had to include the last one for this audience.]”

Indeed. No woman wants to go to a speech without a mention of Mothercare.

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