Quiz: Just how City are you?

Graham had just found out his pizza order was going to be late (Source: Getty)
Do you know your put options from your call options? Can you explain an interest rate swap without thinking? Are you more accustomed to quaffing champagne than spending the evening nursing a pint?
We all know a Gordon Gekko wannabe - but how much of a City boy/girl are you?
Find out how much the City has got to you with our interactive quiz - then share it with your friends. (Or colleagues, if your friends deserted you right around the same time you started rocking pinstripes on the daily...)

1. The best surprise appearance this week was:

2. Pick your favourite @GS_Elevator tweet:

3. Who is your business hero?

4. The EU's cap on bankers' bonuses is...

5. Tesco: discuss.

6. Abacus is...

7. When is Winterflood's Christmas party?

8. What is the Glorious Twelfth?

9. The weekend is for...

10. BBC2 documentary Traders: Millions by the Minute was...