Windows 10: Microsoft launches new operating system to succeed Windows 8

Lynsey Barber
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Microsoft unveils new Windows OS (Source: Getty)

Microsoft has unveiled its latest version of Windows, the catchily named Windows 10.

The new operating system from the PC pioneer succeeds the not so successful two-year-old Windows 8.

Microsoft has apparently discarded the Windows 9 name to signify just how big the leap between the old and new OS really is.

Windows 10 resurrects the familiar start menu which Microsoft initially scrapped in Windows 8, moving on to a tiled screen which wasn't received well by users at the time.

The move was largely believed to have hampered the uptake of Windows 8 among users and it's resurrection is likely to be received positively.

Windows 8 along with update 8.1, accounts for 13 per cent of all Windows OS’s in use compared to 51 per cent for its predecessor Windows 7 and 24 per cent for the no longer supported XP.

In addition to the resurrection of the start menu, Microsoft's new Windows 10 is designed to work across devices, from PCs to “internet of things” products, the tech giant said at a press event held today in San Francisco.

It said it has also improved its design to work better with both a mouse or a touch screen.

Here's Windows' VP Joe Belfiore to talk you through it.

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