What's MyBook? The next big thing according to this video skewering tech hype and Silicon Valley culture

Lynsey Barber
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MyBook is coming (Source: YouTube)

Twitter founder Biz Stone and MC Hammer (yes, that MC Hammer, now a well known tech investor) are talking about it, as are the people of San Francisco and even the city’s finest.

Have you heard about it yet? No? Meet MyBook.

Is it going to be the next big thing in tech? Well, perhaps not, despite the famous names attached.

That's because it doesn’t really exist- except in this video where Silicon Valley names skewer the tech industry’s overblown hype. It's all for a good cause of course.

In addition to Stone and Hammer, the video features Vine stars, comedians, Basketball star Harrison Barnes, as well as the mayor and police chief of San Francisco, all promoting a new initiative in the city.

One City, founded by investor Ron Conway, is a scheme aimed at connecting San Francisco’s tech stars and companies with the wider city.

The two have become increasingly disconnected leading to high-profile run-ins between the average citizen and those in the industry over the cost of living and house prices in the area, most notably when protests against Google’s buses made headlines.

The video is promoting a specific part of the scheme encouraging tech companies to support the city’s public schools through volunteering and workshops.