George Osborne finds his Tory party conference speech a little taxing but recovers speedily

Gabriella Griffith
Ed Balls themed crisps have been fuelling party goers
Party goers at the Tory conference in Birmingham had a difficult decision last night. Should they quaff champers at The Telegraph’s shindig or shuffle to Sky’s event? The two parties went head to head from 10.30pm, with David Cameron expected to show face at the former.

No doubt Osborne felt he deserved a drink following his address earlier, although it wasn’t without snafu. “In this country we don’t tax too much, we spend too much,” said the chancellor. “...I mean little! We don’t tax too little.” Make your mind up, George.

Luckily this morning conference goers will have plenty to soak up the alcohol, regardless of which party they rocked up to.

We hear ready-salted PringBalls are great for a hangover.

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