Twitter chief exec Dick Costolo goes for Iranian president Hassan Rouhani - but fails "foriegn" relations

Gabriella Griffith
Dick Costolo is putting pressure on Iran (Source: Getty)

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani may be enjoying thawed relations with leaders of United Nations countries thanks to his efforts to stop Islamic State militants, but Silicon Valley is rather less easy to please, it turns out.

Rouhani, who is a prolific tweeter, was happily tweeting from last week’s United Nations General Assembly in New York when someone smelled the hypocrisy (Twitter use is still banned in Iran) and called him out on it – Twitter chief exec Dick Costolo.

Boom, sock it to him. Increase freedom of information in Iran whilst widening your user base – not a bad move, Dick. Fast forward a few days later and there’s another tweet from Costolo; his tweet had worked.

But damn - just when he’s riding high, taking on censorship and everybody’s watching his tweets, Costolo spells foreign wrong. “Foreign, foriegn, forin. Ah, they all look correct.” he tweets, having realised his mistake. “Orthography is arbitrary,” offers one kind tweeter. Well, perhaps Costolo’s got bigger fish to fry than putting the e before the i.

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