How to use your personal brand to get a job

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A job interview is about standing out - in a good way (Source: Getty)

A job interview is about standing out - in a good way.

You want to show yourself off, talk what you have achieved, what you can do and what makes you different from the rest.

An authentic and likeable personal brand can be an asset in many ways in your professional life.

It is memorable, hopefully attractive, easy to live (as it's the real, albeit polished, you) and it lets you stand out from the rest. Your personal brand, when developed and presented successfully, can help you get promoted or land a new job.

Here are some tips on using your personal brand to get a job:

1. CV

An interviewer will look through probably hundreds of CVs for every job opening. When I was working with the international head of HR at SAP, he was receiving thousands of unsolicited CVs every month without even advertising a vacancy.

Having a strong personal brand that comes across in your CV can set you apart from the others and help you survive the most brutal sift of all- the paper sift.

Explaining your story and your values that make up your personal brand in a clear and concise way will add another level to your CV, beyond your experience and qualifications.

2. Social media

Social media is increasingly being used to recruit and research potential job candidates. Through your social media, you can consistently demonstrate your personal brand. By showing your activities and human interests, your personal brand will come through.

Developing a strong personal brand is essential in your CV, your social media presence and in the interview.

3. ‘Tell me about yourself’

This is a popular interview question, and a massive opportunity, although it is one that is usually wasted.

Don’t waste your time by repeating your CV and listing your qualification and your experience.

Make a focused statement about who you are and what you have achieved, including the circumstances in which you did it - by doing that you will show your personal brand.

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