US markets take a kicking as Apple share price falls following iPhone 6 and iOS8 issues

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Apple's shares have been squashed this morning (Source: Getty)

Stocks across the US markets have got off to an awful start today, with Apple one of the biggest fallers.

The S&P is having its seventh-worst day of the year and was down by 21 points at pixel time.

Apple was the largest contributor to the S&P 500's growth last month as shares in the tech giant reached an all-time high of $101.20 per share.

Yet today shares in the company appeared as bendy as its new iPhone, dropping well over three per cent in early morning trading.

Apple has come under fire for the defect in its new device, with some customers suggesting the phone is bending in their pockets.

Apple was also forced to issue a statement last night apologising for the "great inconvenience" created by its flawed iOS 8.0.1 operating software which was itself released to fix a number of bugs in iOS 8.

iOS 8.0.1 was launched yesterday to improve flaws in accessing photos, SMS, MMS and the iPhone 6's health app. However, the update caused a number of further issues with some users losing signal and others failed by the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Apple plummeted on the Nasdaq this morning (Source: Yahoo Finance)

It's not only the S&P that has been suffering today - it's also been a bad start to trading for the Nasdaq. That index is down 67 points, or around 1.4 per cent. Shares in Alibaba and Yahoo, which both trade on the Nasdaq, have slipped by around two per cent.

On top the Nasdaq's kicking, the Dow has been hit hard this morning, down 133 points at pixel time.

Thankfully, Twitter has seen the funny side to the disappoint to the stock market's flop:

(Source: Unbox Therapy YouTube)

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