Parliament recalled to debate air strikes in Iraq

Kate McCann
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The speaker of the House of Commons has agreed to recall parliament tomorrow, paving the way for UK air strikes of Islamic State (IS) targets in Iraq.

The move to call MPs back to Westminster comes after David Cameron – who will chair a meeting of his cabinet later today – received a request from the Iraqi government for British military support in the battle against militants in the country. Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats support the bombing of IS targets in Iraq.

However, Ed Miliband, whose party has in the past opposed military action in Syria, warned that he would not support intervention in other areas which have not asked explicitly for support. The Prime Minister does not accept the legitimacy of the Syrian government and is understood to be willing to back American air strikes in Bashir Assad’s fractured Syria with British military power, but is expected to focus on Iraq during the debate.

Yesterday Labour made it clear that Miliband would like to see a United Nations resolution on action in Syria before taking further steps in the country. “We will be supporting the government's proposal for UK air strikes in Iraq against IS,” Miliband said. “I want to reassure people there is no question of committing UK ground troops. We will learn the lessons of the past but we will not turn away from threats to our national interest.”

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