DHL “parcelcopter” drone to start Germany delivery service to Juist island

Joseph Millis
DHL’s Parcelcopter can be used to carry 1.2kg parcels
Logistics firm DHL announced yesterday that it was using a drone to fly parcels to the German island of Juist, in what maybe the first time an unmanned aircraft has been allowed to deliver goods in Europe.

The company, owned by Germany’s Deutsche Post, joins in testing the potential for drones to deliver packages.

The “parcelcopter” can fly at up to 40mph and can carry loads of up to 1.2 kg. It will deliver medication and other urgently needed goods to the car-free island of Juist when other modes of transport are not operating.

If the trial is successful, the craft could be used to deliver to other remote areas or in emergencies.

However, critics have raised concerns over privacy and whether the technology is safe, saying drones could hit other aircraft or people.

Flights to the island, home to around 1,700 people, will start from Friday, weather permitting.

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