Are Londoners happy? Not compared to the rest of the UK (but we are happier than ever)

Lynsey Barber
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Londoners are the least happy (Source: Getty)

Londoners are the unhappiest people in the country and the most anxious - but we are still happier than we’ve ever been before.

Despite living in arguably the best city in the world, London ranks lowest when it comes to happiness levels, the latest figures from the ONS reveal, while Ireland remains the happiest region in the UK.

The capital also suffers the highest levels of anxiety, with Hackney taking the crown as the most anxious place in the country in addition to two other London boroughs making the top five- Barking and Dagenham, and Lambeth.

London also ranks the third lowest area in the country for life satisfaction.

It’s not all bad news, though.

Despite falling behind the rest of the UK when it comes to wellbeing, Londoners are happier than ever since 2011 when the ONS began collecting the data.

To measure wellbeing, the ONS asks people to rank their happiness, anxiety or life satisfaction on a scale of one to 10 which is also classed as low, medium, high and very high.

Here's how London compares to the rest of the UK, on average.

In London, and the UK, the majority of people reported high levels of happiness, low levels of anxiety and high levels of life satisfaction.

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