Twitter goes in search of Gareth and Ed Miliband's Mili-Clan - Labour party conference

Gabriella Griffith
Ed introduced us to his Mili-Clan
Ed Miliband really likes normal people. He likes them so much, he mentioned a bunch of them in his big speech at the Labour conference in Manchester yesterday. Name-dropping celebs is so last year, it’s all about ordinary folk – Ed’s Mili-Clan.
Gareth was the stand out Mili-Clan member – within minutes of Ed talking about him #gareth was trending on Twitter. Gareths all over the place were coming forward as the real Gareth. Ed had said he “worked for a software company”. It was eventually identified as Softwire, which tweeted photos of Ed’s visit.
Next it was the turn of two girls who mistook Ed for Benedict Cumberbatch in the park and spoke of their generation “falling into a black hole”. “We were just quoted by Ed Miliband! Cumberbatch-fanciers… that was us, right? #goodlord” tweeted Beatrice Bazell to her friend Helen Goodman.
Let’s not forget Josephine the cleaner, Xiomara the bartender, there was Colin in his 80s whom Miliband met in hospital (now sadly departed) and Elizabeth the auto-electrician (who starred in Ed’s second ever Instagram post). Yep, Ed is Mr Normal.
Just don’t ask him to eat another bleeding bacon butty.

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