Watch: Pimlico Plumbers' Charlie Mullins shows off his posh terrace and fluffy robe

Gabriella Griffith
Here's Charlie, Mullin about

Charlie Mullins, chief executive of Pimlico Plumbers, lives the high life. And like anyone would be, he’s keen to show this off.

A new video made with Mullins and two other high-profile business names, perfume doyenne Jo Malone and advertising whizz Mark Denton, has been made to illustrate the importance a single phone call can have on someone’s career.

It's all in aid of the fact that, according to a survey by "virtual phone service" Everreach, small businesses miss £26,000 of opportunities a year by missing their calls. Which

Mullins is shot padding around his penthouse terrace in a fluffy white robe and driving his Rolls-Royce to work. It’s all very James Bond. The other two are just, er, at work.

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