David Cameron on Scottish independence results: "There can be no re-runs"

Emma Haslett
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Cameron said the debate was "settled for a generation" (Source: Getty)

The people of Scotland have spoken and it is a "clear result", David Cameron said at a press conference after the results of the Scottish independence referendum were announced this morning. The debate is now "settled for a generation. There can be no re-runs".

"Like millions of people I am delighted," he added.

The Prime Minister's comments came after a victory by the Better Together campaign, which had kept voters on edge until the last few moments. Cameron congratulated campaign leader Alistair Darling, saying he had "fought a hard campaign".

[The campaign has] kept our country of four nations together and like millions of other people I am delighted.

Cameron also took the opportunity to explain the government's plans to further devolve Scotland's government. Lord Smith of Kelvin, the chairman of Glasgow's Commonwealth Games, will oversee the process, publishing draft laws by January.

He added that Wales and Northern Ireland will also be awarded further powers, although the focus will, for now, be on Scotland.

Watch the video of the full speech below:

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