Alex Salmond's Scottish independence defeat: From Yes Scotland to One Scotland on Facebook

Sarah Spickernell
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The polls show a win for the "No" campaign (Source: Twitter)
Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has updated his Twitter and Facebook photo in light of his referendum defeat.
Having previously said “Yes Scotland” in support of his independence campaign, an hour ago this was updated to say “One Scotland”.
Yesterday, Scots went to the polling stations to cast their votes on whether they wished to remain part of the United Kingdom. All of the country's 32 council areas have now declared their results, with 55 per cent voting against independence.
Upon finding out that a continued union had come out on top, Salmond tweeted “Well done to Glasgow, our commonwealth city, and to the people of Scotland for such incredible support”.
Not all the Yes campaign supporters are taking it in their stride, however – Matthew Keys commented on Twitter: “@AlexSalmond might have accepted it, a million others haven't.”

Salmond's updated slogan (Source: Twitter)

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