Stephen King’s Milan horror as he’s mistaken for someone else

Gabriella Griffith
HSBC economist Stephen King, far right, was mistaken for the horror writer (Source: Getty Images)
Oh we do love a good case of mistaken identity. HSBC’s global chief economist Stephen King jetted into Milan yesterday, to give a talk at a client conference about new emerging geographies.

On finishing his oration, a man approached asking him to autograph a copy of his book for his wife.

King’s economic page-turner, When The Money Runs Out, was released last June, so he gladly reached for the book. “It was bit embarrassing when he produced a copy of the Shining,” he tweeted.

“Your books are quite frightening,” retorted one tweeter. “It was a book on the Carrie trade,” joked the economist.

It must happen all the time…

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