Aggregate markets spread betting

FOOTBALL accumulators are part and parcel of the betting game and sports spread betting makes this concept even more exciting.

Sporting Index create a wide range of markets covering a selection of matches every week. For example, traders have pitched total goals across all six of tomorrow’s Premier League matches at 14.6-15.2.

You can also bet on the number of goals scored by the home teams and the away teams combined in those matches, as well as the supremacy of the home teams over the away teams. The latter market is particularly interesting. The spread is 0.6-1.2 but it’s certainly possible that all six away teams – Stoke, Arsenal, Sunderland, Hull, Southampton and Liverpool – could avoid defeat and in the case of the Gunners and Liverpool, wins will be expected. Selling at 0.6 could prove rewarding. There are also a wide range of markets concerning goal minutes. The aggregate total goals minutes of all six of tomorrow’s matches are trading at 750-755. On a difficult day to predict winners, and with both the big fancies away from home up against stubborn rivals, expect some late drama.

Spread bettors can also challenge Sporting Index on the aggregate time of the first goal scored, the aggregate time of the first home or away goal scored and even ‘Multi-Goals’. This is where the number of first half goals are multiplied by the number of second half goals to give a total – truly something for everyone.